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Let’s begin by satisfying your vast curiosity about Mongol Rally. Described by the organizers as the greatest motoring adventure on the planet, the Mongol Rally is a cross-continental car journey for charity that thunders 10,000 miles across the mountains, desert and steppe of Europe and Asia each summer.

Once we leave Romania, we’ll have no backup, no support and no fixed route. In other words and according to the rally motto, we have to grab our summer by the balls and hope we’ll get to the finish in a very crappy 1 liter engine car. We must say we are very excited to visit almost all the local repair shops!

As passing through some of the former Soviet states, we expect a constant decrease of gas prices along with the cost of vodka until both are cheaper than clean water. We’ll also get to meet a bunch of awesome people and smile politely when we don’t understand what they’re saying.

And yes, we are full grown men.


The trip is in aid of two major social and environmental causes.

The first, Cool Earth, is the official charity of the Mongol Rally and is supported by every team taking part in the race. They work to save the world’s rainforests by purchasing land and then leaving it in a local trust which they support with education, employment, and volunteers to protect the rainforest. To find out more about Cool Earth check out their website.

The foundation of our choosing is called Friends For You Foundation (Fundatia Prieteni Pentru Tine). Their main goal is to assure and support the social and educational development of children and young people at risk, as well as to prepare and support the social and professional integration of young people from residential centers.

Mission: To give children and young people the practical and emotional support they need to help them thrive and build the skills they need for adulthood.

“One-Step Forward” Project is a Multifunctional Center that supports the social and professional integration of 8 young people/year, aged 18 to 26 and coming from the child protection system. Direct spending costs with a young person over a 6-month period + support with the rent for another 3 months are around 3000 Euros. All 11 young people who have been included in the program so far managed to integrate into society and currently have decent jobs. At the moment, the recruitment of the next 4 young people has begun and, with your help, Friends For You Foundation will offer them a chance to life.

We are extremely proud to be raising money for such a wonderful charity.


For all you geographically illiterate or for those without hawk-vision to see that map, the 10 countries we’re driving through are: UK, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russia.


As you may think, no one in the right mind would be undertaking such a trip where you have to travel along some very harsh environments and literally put your life in danger. Besides, there will be massive amount of planning and preparation and a significant amount of money spent on stuff like visas, insurances, buying the car, shipping the car back home, equipment, food, gas, paying off dirty cops, bail money, etc.

We can’t wait to learn how to say “Which way to Ulan Ude?” in 10 different languages!

How Can You Help?


In order to find out what benefits we prepared for you please contact us on email at rciuca@badsi.ro.



Besides nurturing your soul, we promise you’ll get back something else.



If some of you can’t contribute it doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of the journey! Help us by sharing.


These are ambitious plans and we need several fingers crossed, including the toes please!
Your help will be much appreciated!

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